To Be Liberated & In Love

To be Liberated & In Love..
Means to be free of the part of the mind..
That whispers you’re not one of a kind.

To be Liberated & In Love..
Means to be unleashed by design and not settle for being ‘fine’.
To create an existence worth going the distance (and with unmatched persistence)..
To know your life by default was a product of generational code..
And to finally break out of the mold!

Despite the fear of letting the outdated version of you die..
To persevere. 
And from the void, to engineer..
A rebirth unexpected.
One that your friends and family subtly rejected.
And perhaps left you feeling disrespected..

To be Liberated & In Love..
Means for a while to be the lone wolf of the pack..
To leave the beaten path and still love the ones who try to pull you back.
Sometimes, to get weary..
And with time to only see more clearly..
That the matrix of society is built on an unquenchable thirst..
For power and profit, often at their worst..
That it’s a fast-paced race to close your heart, pussy and throat..
To paint erotic aliveness as a virus, rather than the antidote. 

To be Liberated & In Love..
Means to get real with ancestral trauma..
To turn down the volume on all unnecessary drama..
To untangle what’s not really yours without pointing fingers..
And so no blame lingers!
To melt away the numbness with a seductive grin..
To free the lover and muse who has always been within.
To prioritize impact AND rest and to be expressed in the full spectrum of emotion..
To set your unique flavour of genius in motion.

To be Liberated & In Love..
Means to create a circular continuum between mine and yours, dark and light..
And choose a friend over a fight..
To aim for community over fame..
And see love and leadership as the name of the game!

It means to find safety in surrender and to relinquish control.
To be in touch with your mind, body and soul.
To know you’re capable, worthy and loved every day.
And build your legacy, no matter what stands in your way.

That’s why to be Liberated & In Love is my deepest wish for you..
And the very reason I do what I do.

– Katrin, with Love