When Accomplishing Equals Failing

Your days? They’re meant to look different.

Some days, you might feel like an absolute machine. So inspired and checking off item by item on your ‘get to do’ list!

And other days…

You might feel like a completely different person. Where at the end of the day, you might even conclude ‘I didn’t accomplish anything!’. I’ve been there – that feels icky. I felt so much shame and self-betrayal during those days when I didn’t accomplish what I wanted to!

It’s important to remember that..

We are cyclical beings.

As women, we are meant to experience differently in the different stages of our menstrual cycle. So it’s key to tap into the wisdom of how you’re currently wired in order to then be able to gauge your ‘success’ at that particular stage of your menstrual cycle.

And yes, ‘success’ especially during one particular stage of your menstrual cycle IS resting! 

Hence if you don’t rest, you’re actually doing yourself a disservice..

You might even say that pushing through and ‘accomplishing things’ during that stage is actually you FAILING!

I invite you to reflect, how much do you know about the wisdom of your body as a woman?

– Katrin, with Love