When You F* Up In Your Life Or Business

..Beating yourself up about it is EASYYY!

Recently, I made an oopsie.

I automatically sent as many as 60 emails to our entire community (yes, all at once!), while I sweetly slept.. They were supposed to be delivered once a week over 4 months! Waking up to the news was like 😱 😖 🫣 🫥

My heart sank, I started sweating. I allowed myself to feel all the sensations from my head down to my toes. I could have let them paralyze me, or let my inner meal girl be the star of the show. 


❤️‍🩹 I used my (once dry) reservoir of self-compassion to pull my heart out of my stomach and get in action to remedy and recover from the situation.

You can do the same, because it’s a LEARNED skill! 

Here’s what to aim for..

💌 Concisely speak from a vulnerable place that also takes responsibility!
💌 Create an opportunity for connection and community-building
💌 Gather insights
💌 Receive support
💌 Rest! And avoid falling back into patterns of ‘beating yourself up’ or ‘reliving the moment before the oopsie a thousand times in your head’. 😂


The only real mistake is the one from which you learn nothing. AND every oopsie is an opportunity for building a closer-knit community! 👑 🌹

Real queens fix each other’s crowns and I’m falling more in love with US after every moment of vulnerability..


Here are some million dollar questions to ask yourself:

❣️ Compassion. How can you show yourself more of it? (Yes right NOW, not later!)

❣️ May you allow yourself to receive love from those wanting to support you? (Are you letting kind words land or subconsciously rejecting love because you don’t feel deserving of it?)

❣️ Can you avoid making snappy or angry words shared WITH you mean something awful ABOUT you?

❣️ How can you better honour the boundaries that were set by others as a result of the oopsie? (A wounded part of me wanted to email the ones who unsubscribed to say ‘nooooo don’t goooo!’ But I didn’t. 🙃)

❣️ How can you add a splash of light-heartedness to the situation?

❣️ Do you feel like you have to make up for this BIG TIME and over-give as a result? (Make sure any ‘apology gift’ is coming from an open heart rather than obligation.)

❣️ What are the practical insights from this oopsie? What controls can you put in place to avoid another one?

Which question is most useful to you?

– Katrin, with Love