Your Ability To Go Deep

Your ability to go deep is everything. (Not that kind of deep! Though if you know my story, the sexy kind was my most desired mission impossible for a long time.)

EMOTIONAL depth is far more important than physical depth..

In business AND in sex! 🫦

Take a breath as this truth bomb explodes within your soul..

The emotional depths to which you can safely take yourself dictate your capacity to hold your clients through the tough times.

The quality of your guidance starts with you and your nervous system!

So when life tests you in all the ways..

When your blossoming legacy is asking you to prove how much duality you can truly handle.. (Because a quantum leap always comes with a quantum crumble..) 

Let yourself be guided by both light AND darkness.

Don’t overlook your own trials and tribulations as insignificant (or distractions to your work). 

They are in fact your most important initiations. 👑 🌹

– Katrin, with Love