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Your Desire Vs. Your Partner’s

“My sexual interest is tied to my monthly cycle but my husband’s interest is pretty constant. HELP!” 🫢

Just like our erotic languages and initiation styles can differ (opposites attract is typically the case 😅), we also differ greatly from men in our flow of erotic desire.

⚠️ We follow a ~28 day cycle while men have a 24 HOUR cycle!

Meaning they have a constant experience day by day, while we function in phases throughout the month. And yes, the contrast can be quite significant. 

So what to do about this?

To avoid putting in question the quality of your connection and instead to understand the biological differences in each phase, it helps for both you and your partner to have menstrual cycle awareness.

With that foundation, you can then more easily learn to play sexually while confidently honouring each other’s authentic ‘yeses’ and more importantly ‘nos’ without guilt.

This can do wonders for your love life! The ‘yeses’ become more juicy while the kind and playful but firm ‘nos’ give you space to rest AND create additional attraction and longing. 😍

At the end of the day, it boils down to:

1️. Awareness..
2️. Commitment to your authenticity, and..
3️. Open communication!

Can YOU relate to differences in levels of desire?

– Katrin, with Love