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Your Difficult Emotions Are Calling

The entrepreneurial emotional rollercoaster.. 🎢

You wake up without an alarm clock. Score!
Nourishing your body feels sooo good – this is exactly the kind of lifestyle you dreamt during your first career or while living with your parents.
Back in the day..
My alarm clock would startle me awake and I would delay climbing out from under the covers for as long as I could (mostly because I dreaded getting dressed in my cold room 😅).
In contrast today, you’re amped up in the a.m., in charge of the thermostat, and have full reigns over your life as an entrepreneur!
But being self-employed isn’t always a piece of cake.
For me, something pretty rad happened during our last month in Toronto.
I was happily plugged into a training and was soaking it all up, but when my man came home and I paused the content..
Everything changed. 😳

I shared my insights with him while we cuddled on the couch.. But then as I rested in his arms in silence, I sensed the ache in my upper back intensifying. My body was speaking to me and thankfully at this point in my life I’ve learned to listen.

Still clueless to what I was ACTUALLY feeling..
I asked my partner for a massage and within two minutes of the tension being met by my presence and his hands, my body felt safe to release what I was holding.
I felt the tears come and I allowed them to flow…
I tremored (a form of somatic release) and let my body let go of what seemed like the deeper layers of suppressed emotion from my back, hips and core .
As the ripples were slowing down now, clarity set in and I became aware that..
😮‍💨 I had been COMPARING the legacy I’m building to other industry leaders and was hard on myself for not being further ahead..
🫣 I was feeling OVERWHELMED by my big ideas!
❤️‍🩹 I was WORRIED that the winter season of business that I was going through had put a damper on the momentum I had built up.
ALL of that in a single point of tension in my back.
A single cry associated with so many layers..
A single release that opened the door to liberating self-awareness, peace and lightness. A moment of pause that avoided multiple days, weeks, or months of compounded worry…

– Katrin, with Love