Your Greatest Business Strategy

You may not know my sexual liberation story well enough yet..

But I have mapped out my sex life with enough precision to safely say there is a mind-blowing correlation between abundance of orgasms and abundance, period. Not only financial wealth, but freedom on all levels – which is what abundance means to me.

Remember this as a reminder to look to your sexual satisfaction next time your business is going through a funk, or you simply want to take it to the next level! ❤️‍🔥


1. Your body is the vessel through which all of your life experiences are filtered! 

A numb state of the body creates a stagnant business, whereas an ability to turn yourself AND move through emotional turmoil allows for a variety of experiences to surge and be processed through your legacy.

Creating impact requires you to serve through an open vessel that has plenty of room for your greatest form of aliveness, wisdom and creativity. 

Have you noticed a slew of amazing insights and ideas flowing in shortly after a mind-shattering orgasm or an intense emotional release? 

Yeah, this is why.

2. Your capacity to receive pleasure is equivalent to your capacity to hold and receive, period. 

Money. Clients. Ideas. Pleasure. And yes pain too. 

Each of life’s highs come with their flip side! The game of life includes being able to hold the whole breadth of the spectrum, just like succeeding in business requires navigating the lows with a mature sense of self-awareness, elegance and firm boundaries.

3. Owning your ‘no’ in the bedroom is the most vulnerable place to do so and therefore the most powerful training ground for setting boundaries in your biz. 

Not only does this liberate your voice and set a high standard for the intimate and professional interactions that you deserve, but speaking your ‘no’s is the only sure way to having your authentic ‘yes’es bubble up. 

Remember this next time your business desires seem a little mirky – honour your ‘no’s with conviction and watch as your ‘yes’es bubble up to the surface with a level of clarity like never before!

FACT: It’s no coincidence that the year I started to have more wholesome, connected, fully expressed sex was also my first six figure year in business. 

You don’t have to sacrifice an incredible relationship & love life for a kick-ass legacy (and vice versa)..

You get to have multiple O’s AND multiple 000’s! 

– Katrin, with Love