Your Private Battles

The Liberated & In Love woman has gone through some private battles to make her who she is today.

She has had to navigate some incredibly tough circumstances personally, professionally, spiritually, emotionally…

And she has come out on the other side stronger than ever.

The Liberated & In Love woman knows herself… She knows what she wants, she’s is willing to get it… Yet not in a pushing or forceful kind of way. There’s a magnetism to her!

She turns heads and is confident, which is the sexiest thing a woman can wear…

And she creates an environment for people around her that feels safe and comforting.

She is a lover, not a mother to her partner or potential partner..

And she is a muse, for other people, but most importantly for herself. Because she ignites this internal fire of her passions and desires for life AND she feels like she can have fun AS she creates the life of her dreams.

That’s the Liberated & In Love Woman. 👑 🌹

– Katrin, with Love